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This is a shareware/demo program for designing air coils (inductors). It has the usual lumped element inductance calculations, but in a tabular form of inductance versus number of turns. Of greater interest, it has a helical transmission line model which provides a more accurate calculation of the self resonant frequencies of the coil. The helical line calculations give S-parameters versus frequency. The S-parameters can be written to a disk file which can than be used by various linear circuit analysis programs. This demo program has not been limited in its features, and there are more than we are describing here. Please note, there is a "help" menu item which can give you some details and explanations of the various menu items and of the internal calculations.

The program menu system is similar to the other circuit synthesis programs offered by Saratoga Software Corp., and serves as a demo of those programs. See our web site at for further information.

Hope you find the program of use.

Thank you,

John A. Mezak March 26, 1997

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