ORBS in photographs and digital pictures:
The Truth About ORBS

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What are orbs?
The orbs we're talking about are round spots of light that appear in photographs and digital pictures.
These orbs are glitches in the photographic process.
What makes orbs appear in pictures?
The most common orbs are caused by dust particles that float in the air.
You can see these dust particles when a strong sun-beam comes in through the window.
If one of these dust particles is floating just inches in front of the camera's lens, then the photographic flash makes it very bright. This bright dust particle is grossly out of focus, so it just shows up as a round spot of light in the picture.

Of course, dust isn't the only particle that can reflect light, and make an orb on the picture. Raindrops, snow flakes, mist, and even gnats can reflect the flash, and make orbs in the photograph. When there is a fine mist hanging in the air, hundreds of little orbs can show up in a single photo.

There is one photograph of orbs posted on the internet, which was taken at night, with the camera looking through a car's window. The "orbs" presented are, rather obviously, the reflections of pairs of headlights from other cars on the road.

What does the word ORB mean anyway?
Generally speaking, an orb is a round thing. Any round thing. An eye, a christmas tree ball and the earth are all ORBS.
What kinds of spiritual beings are there?
The Devil
Discerning the Spirits
If you need to know more about these, visit a local church and start asking questions. Don't be shy, church people love visitors.

Myths about orbs
You can find many myths about orbs on the Internet.
Most of these fall into three categories.
1. Junk Science
2. Ghost Stories
3. Fakes
Just for fun, do a BING search for "spirit orbs" and see what comes up:


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