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PoleZero's CASCADE
communication system analysis software

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PoleZero's Cascade calculates noise figure, intercept point, etc for cascaded amplifiers, mixers, and filters. This program performs the same functions as "cascade.exe" from AMPLIFONIX. The differences are:

1. This program is made to run on Win'95. It has the drop-and-drag functionality to which windows users are accustomed. There is no manual at this writing, and you just have to tinker with things until you figure out how they work.

2. This program may be a little less flexible, and not able to handle as many cascaded stages as the other.

Having used the AMPLIFONIX program for years, I am prejudiced in it's favor. You may just like this one a lot better, especially if you're not a DOS-savy individual.

PoleZero is an Ohio company. Check 'em out at


Pole/Zero Corporation is pleased to announce a new development tool for RF filter design. Our Engineering Department has created a software package that provides complete performance details for our filter products in an automated, user-friendly format. The package provides S21 plots for 2-Pole designs or enables the user to develop custom Filter/Amplifier cascades including the capability to calculate Noise Figure, Compression Point, and Third Order Intercept Point. The software utilizes a library of existing off-the-shelf modules to solve even the most demanding cosite requirement. Beta Version 1.1.3 is available RIGHT NOW by downloading the following file. The file size is approximately 2.5 Meg and will take approximately 15 minutes to download (time will vary depending on your connection). If you have any comments concerning the operation of the software or have any suggestions for making improvements, please forward them to We look forward to hearing from you in order to improve the effectiveness of this exciting new development. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Download:      CasCADe v1.1.3


CasCADe Free Software Version 1.1.3

Please take the time to review this file before installing and
running CasCADe 1.1.3

CasCADE 1.1.3 requires Microsoft Windows(TM) 95 or higher.

First it is recomended that you create a separate directory to install
from (e.g., C:\cascade_TEMP). The file that you downloaded is ".zip"
compressed using WinZIP for Windows95. Extract the contents of the file
"" into the new directory.

From Microsoft Explorer double click the "setup" file that was extracted
from the "" file and follow the on-screen

To run the program go to Start/programs and select "Pole Zero casCADe

Full documentation of all program features will be made avaliable at a
future date. If you have any questions, please send email to

CasCADe v1.1.3 is distributed exclusively as freeware. As such,
end-users are free to download, upload, copy, and redistribute by any
means, subject to the following three conditions:

1) End-users and/or software distributors are not allowed to
sell the CasCADe v1.1.3 program as a stand-alone product or
as a bundled product. Freeware means freeware, folks! The
only exceptions to this condition are cases where distributors
charge a fee for the media (e.g., CD-ROM) containing the
program or information services charge a fee for download

2) Please distribute (and/or re-distribute) only the original
CasCADe v1.1.3 program files. Please do not distribute
decompiled, recompiled, disassembled, patched, or hacked
versions of the software. If you have any "how-to" questions,
it's far easier just to ask the author (

3) Please distribute (and/or re-distribute) all CasCADe v1.1.3
program files together in the original ZIP file.

Before release, our applications software is tested on a wide variety of
hardware configurations, under the most rigorous test conditions
possible. We therefore warrant that the software will perform in
substantial compliance with the specifications set forth in this text,
provided that the software is used on the computer operating system(s)
for which it was designed.

Neither the author nor Pole/Zero Corporation make any other warranties,
expressed or implied, with respect to this software, including its
quality or fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event will the author or Pole/Zero Corporation be liable for any
direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising
from the use of or the inability to use this software, even if the
author or Pole/Zero Corporation has been advised of the possibility of
such damages.

Neither the author nor Pole/Zero Corporation is responsible for any
costs including, but not limited to, those incurred as a result of lost
profits or revenues, loss of time or use of the software, loss of data,
the cost of recovering software or data, the cost of substitute
software, claims by third parties, or similar costs.


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