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Thermistor Temperature Compensation Network

This program is in the public domain. It uses the algorythms published by the author in an article titled "Thermal-Compensation network provides three point fit", MICROWAVES & RF magazine, January 1993, P81.

The purpose of this program is to design a thermistor voltage divider which provides a desired voltage vs temperature function.

The program is designed for the case where the input voltage may be changing as a function of temperature, so the desired input and output voltages are entered at each of three temperatures. The resistance of the thermistor is also entered at each temp. Note that there is no need to enter the actual temperature, only the resistance of the thermistor at each temperature.

If it is possible to build a network which gives an exact fit at the three temperature points, the resistor values, and network topology will be displayed on screen. If it is not possible to achieve the desired performance using the given thermistor, an error message will be displayed.

When the program prompts for numerical input, if any non-numeric input is typed, an error message will be displayed and you get a chance to type the number again.

IMPORTANT; ENTER DATA FOR SMALLEST THERMISTOR RESISTANCE FIRST LARGEST THREMISTOR RESISTANCE LAST! If using an NTC thermistor, that means enter data for the highest temperature first!!!


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